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The following classes are designed for your personal needs and athletic goals. Private sessions address range of motion (mobility vs. stability) and breathing mechanics. Learning to breathe effectively can have a dramatic effect on performance.


These sessions help athletes prevent injury by bringing an increased sense of awareness to the body and addresses imbalances and misalignments. All practices incorporate relaxation techniques to promote recovery and restore the athlete.

Private Sessions

Private sessions provide the athlete with an opportunity to work on sport-specific goals to improve performance.


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private sessions are designed for small groups (generally 2-10 athletes). These sessions can be sport specific or follow a general Yoga for Athletes practice.


Team Sessions

Team sessions are sport specific and typically vary due to where the team is in the season as the demands of the athletes change, pre-season vs. mid-season.


Lauren works closely with coaches and athletic trainers to design practices that support the athletes throughout the season. These sessions often take place on fields, in training facilities, in gyms, etc.

Lauren's Group Classes

*All classes are offered at Breathe Yoga Atlanta unless otherwise noted. 



6:00am Sunrise Yoga

6:30pm Yoga Tune Up® (A great class for rest and recovery)



8:00am Yoga for Core Strength

9:30am Gentle Yoga 


8:00am Fascia Fridays (a guided self-myofascial release class) 

9:30am Yoga for EveryBody


For more info, class descriptions and to reserve your spot in one of Lauren's classes please check out

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